Common Site Readiness work

Site readiness is performed to ensure that the area is ready for you to carry out your telecom site survey. Here’s the typical work that goes into doing this: Installation of racks: it’s a good idea to use professional installers as they know how to position and install the racks without causing any damages. Marc Extensions: this is essentially a transmission path that starts at the interface of the access providers side of a telecoms circuit and ends at the termination point before the inte

Smart Hand Services

Smart Hand Services Field Engineer makes it easy to link up with smart hand engineers who can carry out all of that work for you and provide all the services mentioned above. It’s a global on-demand marketplace ready to be used by businesses of all kinds. You’ll find all kinds of telecom engineers that can help you carry out tasks and complete jobs at any time of the day, anywhere in the world depending on your needs. ‍ Field Engineer’s Global Smart Hands services are accessible in 190 c

How Global CPE Deployment Services help Telcos and VARs expand globally

Customer premises equipment (CPE) includes any service provider equipment that is located on the customer's premises. It might include telephones, cable TV boxes, routers and other equipment. CPE deployment services are commonly utilised by telecommunications companies (telcos) and value-added revellers (VARs) who need to install essential equipment and require the right services to get the job done. If you're looking for these services, you need to find the right providers that offer fl

Field Services

Field Services the executives is a framework for overseeing start to finish exercises in a field administration association including, planning, dispatching, invoicing and charging. FieldAware? is a cloud-based field administration the board arrangement that plans to improve deliverability and efficiency of your field administration groups. Read More: field services

Laptop Support Services

What is Desktop Support Services? Desktop support services work as a help desk for business. They deal with office equipment and end users to provide unlimited service. This includes hardware break-fix support as well as some technical guidance and limited support. It’s designed to support and fix software and hardware related issues on the computers of the individual in the organisation. Those in charge of desk support services will work to install monitor stands and monitors, unpack equipmen